Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered

How much does the holiday cost?

For 4 nights, the all inclusive price for the holiday is 4,300 Euro for 1 room, 1 adult.

If you will share your room with your partner or friend, the price for 2 adults in 1 room is 5,800 Euro.

This price includes accommodation, 3 meals a day, unlimited standard alcoholic drinks, all nightly entertainment. All activities and parties and toys listed in the page under "Activities".

Not included in the price: Airfares, transfers to/from the island, PCR tests, visas, personal insurance, premium alcoholic drinks, spa treatments, motorised water sports.

How do I join a holiday for the first time?

To join a holiday, you must apply with 3 steps:
1. filling in an application form
2. Providing a health declaration from a doctor or tests to show you have no STDs / sexual diseases or HIV.
3. Providing a police clearance report to show no history of violence or sexual offences
After we receive the information you will then be accepted as a member and booked on the holiday.

Do I have to be a member to participate in a holiday?

Yes, all our guests are members and have been vetted with clean reports medically and by police. This is for our members safety and security to have the best time possible and the most freedom on holiday.

What other holidays does Bliss Escapes have?

Bliss holidays are regular through the year. Due to the current Covid situation, we can only release dates a few months ahead in those countries that are open to tourists.

What are the payment terms?

Upon confirmation of management after your application is approved, the deposit must be paid. A minimum of 50% is required to hold your space, with the balance to be paid 2 weeks prior to the holiday starting.
Failure to make payment will lead to the loss of your place on the holiday

How many member guests are on the holiday

Members are equal number of men to women, a minimum of 50 members in total. We keep numbers to a good number so selection is wide. Members come from around the world.