B.L.I.S.S Escapes Philosophy

What we stand for

B is for BE FREE

We are all about human freedoms. Be who you are, do what you want, without judgement, with respect and with others to share in your lifestyle.

Be free to be who you are, when you want, whatever you want to do. 

We live in such a controlled world for so many years. A world of lockdowns, of rules, of judgements. Now there is a place that has no rules, except for respect, kindness and love.

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L is for LUXURY

Bliss Escapes offer high quality, luxury stays in 5 star hotels in exotic destinations.

Everything is excellent quality - from the accommodation, food, drinks and service you can expect the very best quality giving you an unforgettable experience.

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Your 4 night escape is packed with complete indulgence of all the good things in life - great food, drinks, new friends, beautiful tropical location, sexy and fun entertainment.

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S is for SAFETY

Bliss Escapes takes the security and safety seriously for all our members and guests. 

Everyone who books our holidays are carefully checked, including a compulsory health check for sexual diseases and a police background release for non-sexual crimes. 

We have security staff on every resort and we do not tolerate any disrespect, verbally or physically. We have a strict policy of NO MEANS NO and we will protect the safety of our guests and members.

We want everyone to have the time of their life on our holidays and wonderful memories.

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S is for SEX, obv

Obviously, at the heart of B.L.I.S.S Escapes is Sex. Any way you want, whenever you want and whoever you want (with mutual agreement).

Enjoy, be entertained, and surrender to the unexpected...

Our holidays may only last 4 nights, but the memories last forever... 

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