bliss escapes

We connect people from around the world to a desire-fest holiday on a private luxury island, to have fun and total freedom.

There will be entertainment, food, drinks, toys and flirty setups around the resort to bring out your full desires. 

Once you are accepted as a member, there are no rules or restrictions. We encourage you to explore your innermost desires and pleasures, all in a safe environment,

Bliss is not about prostitutes or escorts. We create real human connections, all our members have the same lifestyle and outlook as you. Members come together to connect, explore and have fun, without rules, without judgement.

To have the most fun, we value every member's safety and security as the number 1 priority. Every member must go through a strict application process, including a sexual health test and police clearance report. We do not allow anyone with any history of sexual deviancy or sexual health diseases. Furthermore, we have security staff monitoring at all times, and a strict policy of "no means no".

We want everyone to be free, explore their fantasies and desires and meet others from around the world in a safe, fun, tropical, luxury holiday.