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b.l.i.s.s. escapes

Explore your erotic desires in exotic locations


who we are

Escape the rules, enjoy your sexual freedom

We are the travel club for the sexually free.

Our members at Bliss have total freedom from rules and restrictions to be who they are and do what they want, without judgement.

We create personal connections with likeminded people. Our members appreciate being with those of similar lifestyles and beliefs, not paying prostitutes or escorts. 

We have equal men and women at the resort, with a minimum of 50 guests for our members to socialise and meet others from around the world.

The Philosophy of B.L.I.S.S.

Couple on the Beach

what we offer

Our Bliss-full luxury holidays include:

Holidays are in 5 star, exotic resorts around the world. Holidays are all inclusive of:

  • Luxury Rooms – single or shared with your partner

  • Meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Alcohol – bottle of sparkling wine on arrival

  • Activities – every day and night, a list of resort and water activities

  • Entertainment – every day and night there will be parties, shows, performances, movies under the stars

  • Toy box in every room

  • Hosts and hostesses to get the parties going and keep them going

Phuket Thailand
Apply now to join us for an unforgettable 4 days of pleasure. Luxury accommodation on a private beach resort - connect with others on desired filled days of sex, pleasure, indulgence and adventure.
01 feb 12:00 – 05 feb 12:00
Phuket, Thailand

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